IOR Valdada 4×24 M1/M2 30mm Scope illum


The new 4×24 M1 series of scopes are available with a .223 62gr. or .308 168gr cam, with your choice of Dragunov, MP-9 NATO or CQB reticule. One of our most popular scopes for close range sporting applications, on short stock weapons especially on FN-FAL, AR-15, AR-10, AK 47 and HK-93 platforms. TECHNICAL DATA 4×24 M1 & M2 MAGNIFICATION 4X OBJECTIVE 24mm FIELD OF VIEW AT 100 yds. 29ft.(6 ) EXIT PUPIL 8mm EYE RELIEF 3 in DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT -4 +4 TUBE DIAMETER 30mm LENGHT 10in WEIGHT 14oz